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Quick note! if entering the state of Arizona with an oversize load on the weekend…

**Note: Loads over 11' wide will be required to have one escort to travel from 3 a.m. to noon on weekends, and loads 15' high and over will need an additional escort with height pole. This is if you plan on entering Arizona during the weekend, don't get stuck at the scales, Call ahead and request an escort.

Nevada Road Conditions
(877) 687-6237

When Permit Is Needed
Over 8'6" wide
Over 14' high
Vehicle or combination over 70’ long

Special Information Needed
Need exact address when starting or stopping in Nevada

Times Of Movement
Night travel on 4-lane allowed for vehicles whose width is 8'6" to 10', 14' high, 75' long and 10' overhang
Travel is permitted 24 hours a day if legal height and width and 75' or less long,10' or less overhang, any weight
For other dimensions day travel is required-1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
Vehicles below the following dimensions:14' wide,16' high,105' long,15' overhang-can travel weekends but cannot travel I-80 between Reno and CA line & I-15 between Las Vegas and CA line unless they meet holiday travel restrictions
Travel prohibited on the following holidays: : New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Admission Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

When Pilot / Escort Vehicle is Required

2-Lane Roads:
Over 12' to 14' wide- 1 front,
Over 14' to 16' wide- 2 (front & rear),
Over 16' wide- 3 (2 front & 1 rear)
Over 105' long- 1 rear,
Overhang over 25' front or rear- 1 (front or rear)

On Interstate & 4 or More Lanes:
Over 14' to 16' wide-1 rear,
Over 16' to 17' wide- 2 (front & rear),
Over 17' wide/ reviewed on an individual basis
Over 17' high- 1 front w/ height pole
Over 105' long- 1 rear
Overhang over 25' front or rear- 1 (front or rear)

Mobile Homes:
14' wide and up to 2' eave to right side of interstate- 1 rear
14' wide and up to 2' eave to right side on all other roads- 2 (front & rear)

Requirements for Pilot / Escort Vehicle
General: Minimum width 60”; minimum wheelbase 95”; no larger than 1½ ton truck
Signs: “WIDE LOAD”
Lights: Permit required to use lights in NV (contact # below) valid from 7/1-6/30. Mounted on roof above sign; revolving or blinking amber lights w/ minimum 50 candlepower; lens size min. 5” diameter; flash frequency min. 50 flashes / min.; visible from distance of at least 500’ in normal sunlight
Flags: No stipulations

Additional Equipment:
For flagging: solid fluorescent yellow-green vest that completely covers torso; red flag; “STOP” paddle (white letters on red background)

Requirements for Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator
At least 18 years of age

Dept. of Transportation Permits
Office-Hours of counter service: 8am-4:30pm; M-F; PT
Dept. of Transportation
1263 S Stewart St, Rm 103
Carson City, NV 89712
(775) 888-7410; (800) 552-2127
Fax: (702) 888-7103
Phone service: 7:30am-5:00pm M-F PT
No permit transmitted after 4:15pm
Questions & info only:

Amber Light Section
Nevada Highway Patrol
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NE 89711
(775) 684-4622; Fax: (775) 684-4649